Juba – Sudan

Juba – Sudan is the capital city of Southern Sudan as well as the State of Central Equatoria, one the twenty-five states of the country.


Juba – Sudan is located along the White Nile River, in Southern Sudan.

Getting There

You can fly in via the Khartoum Airport which has international flights and then take a direct flight from Khartoum going to Juba.

There are also bus services from Kampala which will take at least twelve hours before reaching Juba. Currently, there are no buses from other cities in Sudan that travel to Southern Sudan.

What to Do

There are actually no special sights within Juba – Sudan but there is plenty to do for entertainment. There are hundreds of foreign residents here and for entertainment; they go to one of the bars and pubs located within Juba – Sudan.

Restaurants and other nightspots are the main entertainment venues in the city. You can also go down the bridge that spans across the Nile River for a good view of this historic body of water.

What visitors most love about the city are the warm and friendly locals who will be more than glad to tell you a bit about Juba’s history.

The marketplaces here are also worth a visit where you can find fresh produce as well as a few novelty items that make for excellent souvenirs and presents for friends and family back home.

Brief History

The current Central Business District of Juba – Sudan as well as some of the present commercial buildings in the city were first built by the Greeks between the years 1922 and the earlier parts of the 1940s.

Between the years 1899 and 1956, Juba – Sudan was part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, ruled by both the Egyptian and British governments. In the year 1955, the First Sudanese Civil War took place which lasted up until the year 1972.

A Second Sudanese Civil War took place in the year 1983 which lasted until the year 2005, upon which a peace agreement was signed on the 9th of January in Nairobi.


Flights from Khartoum to Juba cost roughly about USD200. Entry permits may be necessary when crossing the border going to Southern Sudan and these cost around USD50 for single entry and USD85 for multiple entry permits.

Accommodations in hotels are approximately USD150 for one night while tents in camps range from USD80 up to USD100 for one night.

Other Information

Before visiting Juba or any other part of Sudan, check your country’s travel advisory first to ensure that it is safe to travel to the country, particularly to Southern Sudan during your scheduled trip.