Jumhooree Maidan in Male – Maldives

The Jumhoorie Maidan is one of the most popular destinations in Male. It is one of the trendiest destinations for gatherings, be it among locals or foreign tourists. The place is also known as the republic square.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The square is located in the northern waterfront of Male. If you arrive at Maldives by boat, the square is where you will most likely land.

What to See There

The venue is filled with lush green grass, and there are also fertile plantations. The plantation is very prominent along the northern waterfront. During the day you will see children and adults gathered around the place.

Various types of recreational activities abound. The country’s official flag post is on the eastern side. The flag at the Jumhoorie Maidan is the largest in Maldives.

The Sultan Park and National Museum is also close to the square. This used to be the palace of the Sultan, but now only the building remains.


The square was built in 1989. Since that time, it has been used actively. One side of the square is particularly active. The Presidential jetty is situated there. It is also used by the President’s cabinet members for trips around the world.

During its early days, the southern area was filled with buildings. Today, the site has become one of the most popular destinations for local and foreign visitors.


The taxi fares in Male are set at Rf 20. There is an extra charge if you plan on carrying extra bags.

Other Info

The square has different attractions. At the west side are commercial establishments. The popular Islamic Centre is at the south. The Center is very popular due to the mosque, the largest in the country. The National Security Service (NSS) is also on the west side. The police headquarters is at the eastern portion of the square.

From the square, it is only a few minutes away to some of the other tourist sites in Male. There is the Friday Mosque, famous for its ornate designs. Other buildings are close by. It is the country’s most popular architectural landmark. It is just to the south of the square. This site is especially popular due to its mosque.

The Jumhoorie Maidan is filled with people not just during the day, but also the night. The nighttime crowd is mostly made up of teens.