Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia

Jurmala is a city in the country of Latvia famous for its long stretch of white, sandy beaches.

Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia provides for a romantic getaway for couples and beach destination for families.


Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia is about twenty-five kilometers off the western section of the country’s capita city of Riga.

Getting There

The fastest and easiest way to reach Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia is via Riga. You can take a train or a minibus to reach the beaches of Jurmala.

Trains are at the Riga Central Train Terminal and these leave for Jurmala every twenty minutes or so. For the minibuses, you can find these at the Central Bus Terminal and these leave for the resort town every five minutes or so.

You can also take a taxi going into the resort town but this is more expensive.

What to See and Do

One of the major attractions of Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia is its fine, white sands. Its long stretch of beaches means that there will be plenty of room for everyone to enjoy their beach and water sports.

Beach volleyball and beach football are popular sports here and in fact, competitions for these two are held in the beaches of this resort town.

If beach sports are not your thing, there is always swimming in the waters. The waters here are shallow and calm so the kids can also enjoy swimming here.

There are likewise water bicycles that you can rent so you can ride down the waters with the kids, your friends or your partner.

You can also lounge by the beach side, build sand castles with the kids and watch the sunset with the whole family.

Brief History

Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia has over thirty-two kilometers of white, sandy beaches set against a backdrop of lush forests. The crystal-clear waters are shallow although they could be a bit cold on most days.

Jurmala lies in the middle of the Riga Gulf and the Lielupe River and ranks in 5th as the largest city in the country.

Perhaps owing to its close proximity to the capital city of Riga, Jurmala was once part of this capital city before it became an independent city of its own.


There is no entry fee to gain access to Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia. Accommodations around this resort town range from 30 up to 800 Euros for resort hotels.

Guest houses range from 10 up to more than 1,000 Euros, hostels cost about 9 up to 20 Euros while camping is around 10 up to 50 Euros.

Other Information

There are other attractions close to Jurmala Beach in Jurmala – Latvia. These include the Baznica Church designed in Art Nouveau style, a water theme park, the Kemeri National Park plus a good number of pubs and restaurants.