Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana

Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana is surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest where visitors are treated not only to close views of lush vegetation but also a number of animals and birds.


Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana is located in the central parts of Ghana, about thirty kilometers off the northern section of Cape Coast.

Getting There

The most convenient way to reach Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana is via Cape Coast. There are tro-tros or what are known as shared taxis that you can get in Cape Coast and these have regular routes to the national park.

Another option is to get a private taxi to take you to the park. The ride from Cape Coast to the park is approximately one hour.

What to See and Do

Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana boasts of beautiful rainforests that you can see from an excellent vantage point atop the Canopy Walk. This walk takes you up to a height of forty meters or roughly about one hundred and thirty-one feet high.

The park also has animals including the Mona-meerkat which is an endangered species. There are also pygmy elephants, civets, plus more than five hundred different species of butterflies.

As you walk through the rainforest, this time from the ground below and not atop the canopy, you will see various plants which the guides will happily tell you more about.

Brief History

Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana was established back in 1932 but was only formally opened to the public in 1994. The park welcomes thousands of visitors every year, more than half of which are locals.

The park covers about three hundred and sixty square kilometers of the country’s rainforest, most of which are in danger of dwindling down.

The type of vegetation in the rainforest is moist evergreen with towering hardwood trees reaching up to sixty-five meters high.


Entry to Kakum National Park in Abrafo – Ghana is 1GHC or Ghanaian Cedi. For the Canopy Walk, there is a charge of 30GHC for adults, non-Ghanaian; and 15GHC for students, non-Ghanaian.

To go on a nature walk around the park, cost is 15GHC for adults, non-Ghanaian; and 7.5GHC for students, non-Ghanaian.

Additionally, if you wish to take still photos there is a fee of 200GHC while taking videos is charged an additional fee of 500GHC.

Other Information

Visitors are advised to bring their own mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, tents, cots or sleep pads for those who wish to stay at the camp site.