Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia

Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia is major landmark in the country’s capital city. Also known as Skopje Fortress, it is included in the Coat of Arms of the capital city.


Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia stands on the city’s highest point located in the old part of Skopje, approximately less than a kilometer from the city center.

Getting There

Flying in to Skopje is via the Skopje Aleksandar Makedonski International Airport. From the airport, you can reach the city centre or your accommodations via a taxi or a private car hire service since there are no public transports serving the airport.

Once in the city center, you can easily walk to Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia since it is only about .56 kilometers off the downtown area of Skopje.

You can also take a taxi going to Kale Fortress but most tourists prefer exploring the city on foot as it provides them with a closer look at everything the city has to offer at a more leisurely pace.

What to See and Do

What both locals and tourists look forward to when visiting Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia is watching the beautiful sunset from atop the hill where the fortress sits.

Walking around the fortress gives you great views of the city as well. While there are no museums within the fortress, there are excellent picnic grounds where you can enjoy snacks amidst historic surroundings.

The fortress also provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle in the city down below.

Brief History

Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia was built around the sixth century AD using limestone and travertine materials. Latin inscriptions give evidence that the fortress was originally from the Roman city, Skupi but was completely destroyed during an earthquake that took place some time in 518.

It is believed that the fortress was rebuilt around the time of the Emperor Justinian I and additional reconstruction took place between the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Excavations unearthed woodwind instruments which are believed to have been possessions of the peoples of Skupi.


There is no entry fee to visit Kale Fortress in Skopje – Macedonia. For getting around Skopje and visiting the fortress, taxis usually cost no more than 200 denars.

Accommodations around Skopje are generally around €36 up to €45 for budget and mid-range rooms per night while more luxurious rooms are at €88 on the average, per night.

Other Information

There are plenty to do around Skopje after you’ve visited the fortress. Clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants abound. The town also celebrates a good number of annual festivals such as the Skopje Jazz Festival held in October, Autumn Music in November and Skopje Wine Festival, also in October.