Kampong Speu City – Cambodia

Kampong Speu City is one of the most popular travel sites in Cambodia that you will definitely want to try.

Kampong Speu City is the capital city of Kampong Speu province, which is located at the Tang Tonle Village of Cambodia. Kampong Speu is famous for its generous supply of palm sugar and wine. It is also a popular natural and cultural resort haven.

Location and How to Get There

Kampong Speu is quite accessible. It is within the 48-kilometer distance to the west of Phnom Penh.

You can take a taxi for convenience or you can also take the public utility route by riding a bus. Traveling from Phnom Penh to the interesting city of Kampong Speu will not charge you more than $10. The roads are in good condition although traffic may test your patience, especially when you are close to Phnom Penh.

What to See There

Since Kampong Speu is a resort haven, swimming is definitely one of the many activities you can enjoy doing here. Swimming through the river is definitely exciting especially since large trees and rich vegetation are in sight. There is also a rocking bridge that you will enjoy walking through. If you want a truly relaxing respite, you may also spend time at the collages along the riverbanks.

Shopping is another interesting activity to do at the town. The huge market boasts of many different goods from around the province. It can be found at the center of the town, surrounded by bicycle shops and food hubs.

There are different coffee shops and restaurants that are accessible around town. Although most townspeople speak the local language Khmer, some are also conversant in Mandarin and English, especially those in the service industry.

Buying goods in Kampong Speu should not worry you because it will not cost you thousands of dollars. Goods are priced low here as well as accommodation and almost every other kind of service.


The province of Kampong Speu was initially established as a tourist city and holiday resort in mid-1940s. As such, it was decorated by different species of pines that were imported from Japan. There is also a hot grotto, a cool breeze, and a cascade to kindle your interest.

The province has many different attractions and the capital city is one of them. If you are a wine person, you will love a stay at Kampong Speu because palm sugar wine is quite very common here. Palm sugar wine is made out from the sap of palm sugar trees, which are abundant in the place. Tasting the wine is an adventure on itself as it is said to set your tongues on fire.


The cost for exploring Kampong Speu City depends on how many activities you want to get involved into and how much of the local produce you want to bring home with you.