Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China

Guangxi is considered as a rather poor region in China but what it lacks in material wealth, it more than makes up for it with its natural wonders.

There are several popular tourist attractions here but the most popular by far are the Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China.


The Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China are located within the city of Yangshou, just a few kilometers from Guilin.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach the Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China is to arrive in Guilin first, either by air or railway. There is an international airport in Guilin which mostly serves flights arriving from several countries in Asia.

There are also trains coming in from other parts of China.

Once in Guilin, your best option is to take a bus going to Yangshou. When you get to Yangshou, you can take a bus going to the various tourist hotspots around the Karst Mountains.

You can also rent a bike to travel through the city.

What to See and Do

Visiting the Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China gives you a wide variety of options for enjoying a number of outdoor recreational activities. You can go on a cruise down the Li River aboard rafts made of plastic pipes for a scenic tour of the surrounding areas.

You can also walk or cycle around the Yulong River Valley where there are trails that will take you to charming villages.

For an excellent vista of the surrounding areas, climb up Moon Hill; also a popular spot among tourists.

The mountains are surrounded by limestone hills and within these hills are various caves of different sizes. A visit to these caves is also a must.

Brief History

The Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China offer scenic hills and caves to both locals and tourists from all across the globe.

The beautiful scenery provided by these mountains is in fact so popular all over the world that it has been the subject of a good number of paintings and poetry depicting the beauty of China.

It also served as a backdrop for some of the scenes in the popular Hollywood film franchise, Star Wars; particularly in Star Wars Episode 3.

Being a popular tourist destination specifically for its karst landscape, Yangshou sees an influx of tourists year-round. Of late, it has become a favorite backpacker’s destination.


Minibuses going to Yangshou for your visit to the Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China cost about ¥ 18 per person while express buses cost about ¥ 15 per person.

Bike rentals range from ¥ 10 to ¥ 30 per day while taxis cost around ¥ 10 up to ¥ 30 for short distances.

For river cruises, a 45-minute ride generally costs ¥ 5.5 per person while a 90-minute ride costs about ¥ 8 per person.

If you will be visiting Moon Hill, there is an entry fee of ¥ 15 per person.

Other Information

Buying souvenirs in Yangshou during your visit to the Karst Mountains in Guangxi – China can be a rather expensive venture. As this is a popular tourist spot in the country, prices balloon for as much as 500%!

If you know how to haggle, you can take a shot at buying silk scarves and wraps but you may be better off checking out these same items elsewhere in China.