Kelibia Fortress – Tunisia

The Kelibia Fortress is a historical landmark in Tunisia. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the coastal town of Kelibia.


The fortress is located in the said coastal town. It is a walking distance away from the port.

What to See

The view from the fortress is splendid, as it is high above the town. The fort itself dates from the 4th century. Due to its location, it was utilized by almost every civilization that controlled the country. These include the Arabs, the Romans and the French.

A visit to the Kelibia Fortress will reveal that it was also used by the Germans during the Second World War. Today it is being utilized by the Tunisian National Guard.


The history of Tunisia goes back thousands of years. The earliest settlers were probably the Berbers. There is also evidence that the Phoenicians settled in the area via the eastern Mediterranean. This probably took place 3,000 years ago. It was here that the Phoenicians established Carthage. There is evidence that the Phoenicians interacted with the Berbers.

The Romans ruled the area 2,000 years ago and formed an alliance with the Berbers. The country and the rest of the area were soon integrated into the empire. From the 7th to the 10th centuries, the Arabs and Muslims ruled the area.

The area also came under the rule of the Ottoman Turks in 1574. After the rule of the Ottomans, the French took control of the country. From 1881–1956, the country was under French control. Due to its history, Tunisia has managed to maintain close ties with the West and the Arab world.


There is a fee of 5 dinar to enter the port.

Prices for Tunisia depend on where you are going, coming from and how long you plan to be there. For a week long stay with another person, the cost is usually around 1300 to 1600 USD. But it also depends on what kind of amenities you are looking for.

Other Info

Aside from the fortress, you will also find a few hotels nearby. They vary in price, so you should be able to find one to suit your budget. There is also a peninsula you can visit.

Once you are at the Kelibia Fortress, you will get to see the bay, the town and even up to Cap Bon. Not only is the view interesting, but you also get some exercise as you climb up to the fortress.