Kensington Oval in Bridgetown – Barbados

The Kensington Oval in Bridgetown is one of the best sporting facilities at Barbados. The arena is known as the Mecca of cricket. However, it has also been used to stage other events.

How to Get to the Oval

The Oval is located to the west of Bridgetown. You can get to and from the city via the bus terminal close to the center of the city. Most of the buses here come from the south. Center and north buses arrive at the terminal close to the Cheapside Market. However, the Oval and other tourist sites are a walking distance away off the city center.

What to See There

The Kensington Oval in Bridgetown has a capacity of 28,000. Since its establishment, the stadium has undergone extensive renovations. Today, the outfield consists of 125 mm unamended root-zone sand and a 175 mm amended root-zone.

There is also a 100 mm gravel drainage layer and 50 mm blinding layer. The grass used is Tifway 419 hybrid Bermuda. This type of grass was chosen because it is highly resistant to disease. It is also quite dense, ideal for game play.

The pitch is made up of 200 mm of clay. This is set over 150 mm of medium-fine sand. The grounds also feature a Jacuzzi type sector and a large TV screen. This feature is necessary so people can watch the events. At the back of the hill is an area where people can have picnics.


The area has been operational for over 120 years. Cricket started in 1882 after the Pickwick Cricket Club claimed ownership of the place. It was in 1895 that the first international match was held there. That was the year Salde Lucas’ side journeyed to the place. The first Test Match took place on January 1930. The match between England and the West Indies ended as a draw.


The admission fee will depend on what event you are gong to watch. Cricket ticket matches may cost $10 to $20. This may or may not include the food. It all depends on the event organizer.

Other Info

Besides cricket, other events have been held in the stadium. These include Miss Barbados pageants, inter-school athletics, hockey and games of the country’s national football team.

The Kensington Oval in Bridgetown was the scene for the Cricket World Cup Final in 2007. Prior to the event, many components of the stadium were upgraded.