Kenting National Park in Pingtung County – Taiwan

The Kenting National Park is one of the most remarkable parks in Taiwan. Its myriad features have helped make it one of the premier tourist destinations in the country.


The park is located at the far south tip of Taiwan. There are buses from Kaohsiung that can take you to the park. Just take line 88. You will be at the park in 2 and a half hours. You can also reach the place via HSR, or high speed rail. The travel time is 90 minutes.

What to See

The recreation area boasts of a beautiful tropical garden. There are thousands of reptiles, insects, birds and butterflies in the area. You will also see a lot of Formosan macaques. If you go there in the winter, you will see gray-faced buzzards, brown shrikes and falco subbuteos.

The Kenting National Park also has cattle egrets, oriental honey-buzzards and Chinese goshawks. One of the most popular activities here is surfing at the beaches. There are also jet skis available for rent.

You can also visit the Oluanpi Lighthouse. The area around is eye-catching and filled with many hiking trails. Scuba diving has also become very trendy thanks to the lovely corals.


The recreation area is almost 300 meters over sea level. The whole area itself is over 466 hectares. Due to the geographical shape and the weather, unique types of plants have appeared. Three layers make up the landscape. The first is made up of arbores, while the second is made up of bushes. The third are made up of liana and low grasses.

There are more than 1,200 types of conserved and ornamental plants. Coral limestone can be found all over the area. The limestone is made up of nullipores, foraminifers and corals. The park is also filled with several ancient trees. One of the highlights is the 300 year old giant Chinese pistache.


The jet ski rental will cost NT$1000 for half an hour. You can also rent a motorbike for 400-600 TWD a day. The Go-Karts cost NT$100.

Other Info

Motorbike and scooter rides are very popular here as well. There are also numerous Go-Kart tracks which you can ride on. The beaches are also a hit with the tourists. There are a couple of public beaches and some private beaches. The private ones are pay areas.

The Kenting National Park is also famous for the Kenting Strip. Every night, the Strip comes alive with street food, restaurants, games and merchandise.