Keukenhof in Lisse – Holland

Keukenhof in Lisse is one of the biggest tourist attractions not just in Holland but also Europe. It is the biggest flower garden in the world.


The garden is situated at South Holland. It is at the southwest of Amsterdam and south of Haarlem. You will find it at the sector known as Dune and Bulb Region.

If you are in Amsterdam, you need to go to Schiphol and travel via train or bus. From there you should get on bus 61 or 58. At Haarlem station, board bus 50 or 51. If at Leiden Central Station, it is bus 54.

What to See

The garden is an ornately designed park with florals as the main attraction. Aside from admiring the flowers, you can also go on guided tours. This is helpful for the first time visitors. Tourists can also go on bicycle tours. For those interested, there are photography workshops too.

The bulb tours can be done by boat. This is one of the most popular attractions at Keukenhof in Lisse. Based on the most recent estimates, the park has 7 million flowers. The site covers an area spanning over 50 hectares.


The garden is situated on a hunting ground dating back to the 15th century. The land was also the site of herbs. The place was also the location of the Hainaut Countess castle. It is from this place that the name of the garden was derived. After the Countess died, it became the home of governor Adriaen Maertensz Block. In 1949, the Mayor of Lisse transformed the site into a garden.

The concept was to establish a flower exhibition so the growers from Europe (not just the Netherlands) could present their hybrids. This would also go a long way towards helping Dutch flower exports. It would prove to be such a success that it became the biggest flower garden in the world.


The fees are 14.50 Euros for adults and 7 Euros for children 7 to 11 years old. The parking cost is 7 Euros. Parking for buses is free.

Other Info

The place is not just a showcase of Dutch flowers; you can also purchase them if you like. There are products sold just for export.

If you want to buy, just head over to the sellers pavilions.
Keukenhof in Lisse also has several shops and stores. Aside from flowers, they also sell other souvenir items. The garden is open from late March to the middle of May.