Keukenhof in Lisse – Netherlands

A trip to the Keukenhof is the main reason why people visit the town of Lisse. Known as the Garden of Europe, it is considered one of the most remarkable sights in the Netherlands.


The town of Lisse is located at the Bulb Region at South Holland. The flower garden is between Leiden and Haarlem. Take bus #4; this will bring you to the flower garden. There are also bus rides from Rotterdam, Haugue and Amsterdam. Conexxion bus 58 has a ticket and entrance fee combo.

What to See

The flower garden has over 6 million flower bulbs. Spanning an area of over 50 hectares, they are best seen during the middle of April. This is when the tulips come around. The large area means you can spend a lot of time just strolling the area and admiring the flowers.

However, there are plenty of activities you can do when on a trip to the Keukenhof. You can take a boat tour of the bulb fields and enjoy the scenery. A nice alternative is to go on a bicycle tour of the fields.


The flower garden has been set on a 15th century hunting ground. During this time, the Countess of Hainaut used the area as a source for herbs. When the Countess died, merchants and businessmen took over the land. Adriaen Maertensz Block, VOC captain, took over the place. He created Castle Keukenhof in 1641.

During the 19th century, the area around the castle was redecorated. In 1949, the Lisse local government decided to turn the place into a flower garden. It was primarily designed to assist the Dutch flower industry. Since then, the garden has expanded and become the largest flower garden on Earth.


The entrance fee to the flower garden is 14.50 Euros for adults. For individuals 4 to 11 years of age, it is 7 Euros. The fee is 6 Euros for car parking. Bus parking is free.

Other Info

The flower garden also has lectures. These will provide you with the information necessary to get the facts about the flowers in the garden. There are also photography workshops available. This is something that many of the visitors look forward to.

When you go on a trip to the Keukenhof, you will be able to purchase different flower bulbs. There are many vendors that offer the bulbs all over the garden. If you want to buy one, just go over to their respective pavilions.