Khoo Kongsi in Penang – Malaysia

Khoo Kongsi is a clan house in Penang, Malaysia. It is one of the most lavish, the most elegant, and the most tastefully decorated clan houses that you can find in town.

Location and How to Get There

Khoo Kongsi is situated at the heart of Cannon Square. To get there, there are three entrances that you could use. First, there is the main entrance in Cannon Street. To get there, you just need to get to Penang Street, a busy road with lots of shops and establishments of all sorts. You can walk through the entrance to the clan house by going right of Kapitan Kling Mosque. Second, there’s the side entrance at Armenian Street. To get there, you must go to Lebuh Pantai, which is in between Armenian Street and Lebuh Aceh.

What to See There

Khoo Kongsi is a delightful sight on its own. The majestic cluster of beautifully adorned buildings will give you very little idle time as there are so many things explore. It will not be considered the grandest clan temple in Malaysia for nothing.

Khoo Kongsi is composed of a lavish row of houses where members of the Khoo clan used to live. There is also an association building and a traditional theater packed inside a magnificent compound.

There are so many interesting sections to explore. There is the main ancestral hall where you can find gold and black tablets from the ancestors of the clan. There is also the prayer pavilion, where spears are displayed. The courtyard is also a sight to behold where an ornate stage for the Chinese Opera can be found. Those are just some of the main attractions that Khoo Kongsi has to offer. There are lots more that will surely make your trip a trip worthwhile.


Khoo Kongsi was built in 1851. It was established for the Khoo family, who were among the wealthy Chinese traders who invaded Penang in 17th Century. In 1894, the clan house was burnt down when it was struck by lightning. Eight years later, reconstruction was started, which was completed in four years. Like all the other clan temples spread around the country, Khoo Kongsi no longer holds the social functions it once hosted. It currently serves the country as a center for tourism – a goo site where people who wants some historical adventure may come over.


To be able to enter Khoo Kongsi, you will have to pay a 5 Malaysian Ringgit fee, which is equivalent to less than 2 US Dollar.

Other Info

Khoo Kongsi is open Mondays to Fridays, from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays, from 9am to 1pm.