Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo

Travelers wishing to spend their vacation in Kinshasa will be treated to various tourist hotspots ranging from a bonobo sanctuary to quaint villages plus restaurants and pubs for a bit of night life in the city.

One such quaint village is Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo which makes for a good day trip from the city centre of Kinshasa.


Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo is situated within the eastern section of the city, along Boulevard Lumumba, about a few kilometers from the airport.

Getting There

You can fly in to Kinshasa via the airport located in the city. From the airport and the city centre, your best option is to take a private taxi which can drive you all the way to Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo.

While there are public mini buses available, which are really called “taxis” in the country; these are not so reliable.

What to See and Do

A visit to Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo provides an excellent venue for a bit of rest and relaxation where you can enjoy local dishes in one of its restaurants while enjoying the view from the terrace.

Kinkole is actually a popular place for tourists who want to enjoy a brief respite from their busy holiday schedule. The village still has its old, local charm which adds to its appeal.

Another popular tourist attraction here is the fish market which is located close to the river. Be sure to visit early in the morning if you wish to get the freshest products in peace as the market can get a bit crowded as the day progresses.

Brief History: About Kinshasa

Kinshasa used to be an area teeming with small fishing villages but urban development took over and now, only a few scatterings of fishing villages can be found here, in particular Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo.

Kinshasa was established by Sir Henry Morton Stanley, famed journalist and explorer of Welsh descent, in the year 1881. He established it as a trading post and originally called the city Leopoldville to honor Belgium’s then King Leopold II.

Today, the city flourishes as an important center for culture and education in Central Africa.


Taxi rides generally cost about US$30 to US$50 to get around the city and also to reach Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo.

Dining out costs about US$20 up to US$40 per meal, per person; depending on your choice of restaurant or diner.

For accommodations around Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo, single occupancy rooms start at US$40 inclusive of breakfast; plus an option to have dinner added which start at US$10.

Mid-range rooms cost between US$60 and US$100 while more expensive rooms in upscale hotels cost about US$300 per room, per night.

Other Information

When visiting Kinkole in Kinshasa – Congo, it is recommended that you ask around first if you can take pictures as sometimes taking photos around the village would require visitors to pay a fee in order to get permission to do so.