Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway

The city of Kirkenes provides a good number of tourist attractions year – round including outdoor recreational activities like fishing and hiking.

However, for the most part, visitors travel here specifically to check out its world-famous Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway.


Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway is at the easternmost region of the country, within close distance to the Norwegian – Russian border.

Getting There

You can reach Kirkenes via road or air. There are long distance buses from other cities in Norway that travel to this remote part of the country.

On the other hand, most travelers prefer to fly in via the Hoybuktmoen Airport, about fifteen kilometers off Kirkenes. From the airport, you can take a short bus ride to reach Kirkenes.

Once in the city center, you can take another bus to reach the snow hotel. If you will be staying at the hotel, they provide transfers to and from the city center.

What to See and Do

Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway gives you a hands – on experience of staying in a room that is made of snow! It’s like having your own private igloo.

The rooms are actually warm and comfortable so you need not worry about any type of discomfort associated with extreme cold temperatures.

Other than offering unique accommodations however, the hotel also arranges for outdoor activities that you can enjoy while holidaying in Kirkenes during winter.

Ice fishing, Husky rides and snowmobile excursions are only some of the fun things that you can do here.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to see the amazing Aurora Borealis or what is known as the Northern Lights.

Finally, you can also check out the Reindeer Park. Here, you can pet the reindeers or have pictures taken with them.

Brief History

Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway opened its door to the public some time in the year 2006. From this time on, they have been providing one-of-a-kind accommodations to guests visiting Kirkenes.

The rooms are called snow suites and each one has a diameter of about 5 meters. The beds have an ice frame to give you the feeling as if you are actually sleeping on snow.

The beds are equipped with a thermal mattress and thermal sleeping bags are also provided to give you a warm and comfortable sleep.

Adorning the rooms are various ice sculptures and instead of doors, curtains are in place to help the air circulate better.


The cost to stay in one of the snow suites provided by Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway is about 2,350 NOK per guest, for a double room; and 2,800 per guest, for a single room.

Other Information

Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway opens only during the winter season, starting on the 20th of December and extending up to the 20th of April.

Room costs include breakfast, dinner and free use of the sauna.