Kish Island Beaches – Iran

The Kish Island beaches are among the most beautiful not just in Iran but the world. However, the island has many more treats to offer the visitor.


The island resort is located at the northeast sector of the Persian Gulf. It is about 10 mi (17 km) from the south offshore of Iran. The most widely used international flight to the island is Kish Air. If you are in Tehran, there is a route heading to the island. There are also private buses available. On the island, you can walk around or ride a taxi.

What to See

The Kish Island beaches are known for their exquisite sand and stunning marine life. The beaches offer scuba diving enthusiasts plenty to see and explore. Aside from swimming and sunbathing, you can also go fishing or sailing.

Jet skiing, coral viewing, reef walking and parasailng are other popular activities. You can also go water skiing and boating. The sandy beaches are also perfect for leisurely strolls. Of course you can just also relax on the sands.


Known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, the island has long been regarded as one of the most pristine in the whole region. It occupies an area 36 sq mi or 90 sq km. Unlike the rest of Iran, the regulations here are less stringent.

However, the beaches for men and women are separate. But the women’s beaches do have access to snorkeling and water sport areas. As tourism has boomed, the number of restaurants, malls and cafes have grown.


There is no entry fee to the beaches. The fee at the Kish Dolphin & Crocodile Park is 45 USD. At the Mysteries of the World Zoo it is 5 USD. At the Underground Town of Cariz it is 5 USD. The Marjon Beach Park, the Ancient Town of Harire and Green Tree Park are free. Taxi fares cost around 2 to 5 USD.

Other Info

The Kish Dolphin & Crocodile Park allows you to see dolphins and other sea mammals. If you are a nature lover, check out the Green Tree Park. Other popular destinations for tourists are the Mysteries of the World Zoo and Underground Town of Cariz. The Giant Bird Sculpture is also popular as it is big enough for people to get into.

Aside from the Kish Island beaches, there is also the Greek Ship. It is situated on the shores. You can climb on the ship and dine at the restaurant.