Koper – Slovenia

Koper – Slovenia is the only commercial port in the country and also one of its oldest towns. Visiting Koper will make you feel as if you have traveled back in time as you take in the sights of old fortresses and castles, as well as many other old structures depicting Victorian-Gothic architectural designs.


Koper – Slovenia is a seaside town that lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, bordered by Italy.

Getting There

Koper can be easily accessed by train from neighboring countries. Flying in can be via the international airport in Trieste, Italy; the closest airport to the port town.

From Trieste, you can take a train ride going directly to Koper – Slovenia. The ride takes one hour at most.

You can also fly in via the airport in Ljubljana, the capital city of the country of Slovenia. From here, you can take a train going to Koper. The ride is approximately 2 hours.

What to See

Koper – Slovenia is rich in architectural masterpieces depicting styles in various Gothic patterns.

The Praetorian Palace, a fourteenth century palace designed in Venetian-Gothic style. This historical landmark is home to the city’s local government office. It is situated in the city’s Tito Square.

Another interesting palace is the Loggia, also depicting architectural patterns in Venetian-Gothic style.

With Koper’s rich cultural diversity, events take place during specific times of the year to celebrate the town’s cultural heritage. Among these events is the popular Istrian Carnival which takes place every February.

The festivity lasts for several days and is highlighted by carnival parades on the town’s streets.

Gastronomic events are also celebrated here every year. These events include the Asparagusfest, Malvasia Festival and Feast of Refosco.

Brief History

Koper – Slovenia was formerly called Aegida during the time of Ancient Greece. In the year 1278, Koper merged with Venice, a move that changed its name from Aegida to Capo d’Istria from which its current name was derived.

Before the town joined Venice however, Koper sided with Germany during the Venetian-German War.

After World War II, much of the town’s Italian residents fled which drastically diminished the town’s population. When Slovenia gained its independence in the year 1991, Koper became the sole commercial port in the country.


Train rides going to Koper – Slovenia are generally around €3 per person, one way.

For accommodations, there is Koper Hotel located right in the heart of the port town of Koper – Slovenia. The rooms generally cost around €69 up to €77 per person, per night; inclusive of breakfast.

Other hotels around the vicinity are also available and rooms here cost about €46 up to €154 per night, per person.

Other Information

For dining out, there are several restaurants that offer various cuisines, from local dishes to Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese. Costs vary depending on the type of restaurant but generally, you can get a good meal for around €4 to €11.