Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya

Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya is one of the national parks in the country that travelers from all across the globe visit to experience its wildlife.

Tagged as a wilderness park, this provides you with the opportunity to view some of the country’s most magnificent animals.


Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya is approximately two hundred and eighty kilometers off the northeastern section of Nairobi and about one hundred and twenty-five kilometers off Mount Kenya.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya is via Thika heading towards Mwingi. From here, ply the north-eastern route going towards Kyuso village.

From there, ply the route going to the national park which is around eighty or so kilometers off.

You can also reach the park through the bridge that connects Meru National Park with Kora National Park.

What to See and Do

Lush vegetation surrounds Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya. Visiting the park, you may come across several wild animals such as caracals, hippos, cheetahs, elephants, hyenas, leopards, genets and various antelopes.

But perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring sights to visit here are the huts that used to be the homes of George Adamson, a British wildlife conservationist; and his aide.

Adamson was murdered by Somali bandits back in 1983 when he tried to help a tourist visiting the park. He is buried in the park alongside his lion friend he calls Boy.

There are also various bird species in the park that you can see around the park.

Brief History

In 1973, Kora National Park in Coast Province – Kenya was designated as a reserve. Following the death of George Adamson, the reserve was designated as a national park in the year 1990.

The park has an area of approximately one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight square kilometers.

Comprised of dense woodland and scrub, sixty-five kilometers of the park is bounded by the Tana River on its northern side.

The eastern side is bounded by the Mwitamyisi River.


Park entry fees for foreign visitors are pegged at USD50 for adults and USD25 for kids and students during low season and USD60 for adults and USD30 for kids and students during peak season.

Public campsites charge USD15 for adults and USD10 for kids per day.

Other Information

Fees are per person and valid for twenty-four hours. Student fees are for those aged 18 up to 23 years old. To avail of student fees a valid school identification card must be presented.

Children’s fees are for kids aged three years up to seventeen years old.