Kosrae – Micronesia

Kosrae is a region in Micronesia famous for being part of the Federated States of Micronesia. But on top of that, it is a nice place to have a break as this island is too far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is too far even to the next island!

Location and How to Get There

Kosrae is a high island that is located in the easternmost part of the Caroline Islands. It is about 370 miles on the north of the equator, between Hawaiian Islands and Guam.

The only way to get to Kosrae is by plane, especially if you are coming overseas. The Kosrae International Airport handles many direct flights from Honolulu and Guam. If you are coming from other countries, you will have to take connecting flights.

What to See There

There are many things to see and do at Kosrae.

There’s the dense vegetation of the island that is shaped like a female’s body. The steep mountains covering the islands are the reasons it has remained undeveloped.

Sightseeing is a top activity in Kosrae. Roaming around the island will help keep you relaxed and rejuvenated, what with the scenic sights all over.

Scuba diving is the number one tourism activity in Kosrae. Its virgin island is very suitable for those who want to discover a lively marine life. There are also other water-related activities you can indulge in while you are at the island. Most of all, you can just lie on the seashore and be inspired with the beauty that will be presented to you.


Kosrae posts evidences that it has been inhabited at least during the first millennium AD. When it had contact with European travelers during the 1800s, the island already has a developed society that can be see in surrounding islands as well. It is developed under the standards of development at that time. It follows a feudal structure until administration was passed over to the United States.


It is not too expensive to have a relaxing holiday at Kosrae. You can hire taxis to get around at only $2-$5 per person. If you want a private service, expect to pay $40-$50 for a day.

Staying at resorts is also very affordable. To save more, it is advisable that you book a bundled up package that will include canoeing trips, scuba diving trips, meals, and sightseeing trips.

Other Info

Kosrae is also famous traditional foods including breadfruit, taro, sugarcane, yam, coconut, and banana among others.