Kota Kinabalu National Park – Malaysia

The Kota Kinabalu National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Aside from the wilidlife, it is also considered a vital biological site.


The park is situated on the Sabah west coast. It is to the east of Borneo island Malaysia. There are many travel tour operators that can bring you to the park.

What to See

The mountain peaks at the park provide climbing enthusiasts plenty to do. There is also a hiking trail where you can enjoy scenic views of the landscape. If you visit the botanical site, several types of fauna and flora will be seen. There are numerous types of mammals, insects and bird species to be enjoyed.

There are also many kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Endemic species like the Kinabalu Giant Earthworm and the Giant Red Leech are seen there. One of the biggest attractions at Kota Kinabalu National Park is Mount Kinabalu. The mountain is young and is still growing a few millimeters every year.

The botanical site is known for its diverse climate zones. These include coniferous forests, rhododendron and montane oak among others.


The park was declared a national park in 1964. An expedition in 1895 led by Hugh Low collected a lot of information about the park. Historical records show that he was also the first individual to reach the top of the mountain. The park itself is set at Crocker Range. This is by the Sabah west coast. It is in the West Coast Division at the Ranau district.

The place is sometimes confused with the Crocker Range National Park. However, they are two separate sites. The main headquarters of the park is located in Kota Kinabalu. Geographically speaking, it is by the park’s north boundary. The elevation is 1536 meters.


The charge for the Botanical Garden is RM 5.00, while a guided walk costs RM 3.00. The multi vision show costs RM 2.00. The mountain climbing fee is RM 10.00.

Other Info

Sabah Parks is the administrative head of the park. There are also chalets around the area, and they make up the accommodations at the site. The Sutera Sanctuary Lodges is where the mountain climbing guides and accommodations are processed.

The Kota Kinabalu National Park has strict rules concerning mountain climbing. You may only attempt it if accompanied by an experienced guide. Anyone who wishes to hike must also reside at least one evening at their chosen lodging place.