Krakow Old Town in Krakow District – Poland

The Krakow Old Town is in Poland’s central district. Before King Sigismund III Vasa transferred the capital to Warsaw, Krakow was the country’s political capital.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The site is in modern day Krakow district (or Cracow). The airport there has connections with major American and European airlines. The airport is just a few kilometers away from the city. You can also drive to the site by car from the A4 motorway west.

From the city center is the train station. It is a walking distance from the old town. It’s the best option for those who are coming from Vienna, Budapest and other nearby cities.

What to See There

Many of the attractions in Krakow Old Town are between Planty Park and Main Square. The Czartoryski Museum is home to some of the finest artworks in Poland. There are also many churches with styles ranging from Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque.

The street grid and the Main Square, built in 1257, have been preserved. Other attractions in the area are the Town Hall Tower and St. Mary’s Church. There are also some restaurants and clubs to explore too.


The earliest records pertaining to the old town is from the 9th century. The place was included in the Polish state. This happened under the Piast dynasty. After being given to the Krakow bishops in 1000, it would become the official home of the kings of Poland. It is in the district of the old town that its history revolved.

A cathedral was built there. An earth embankment encompassing the West Hill can still be seen today. A 4 ton chest with 4,200 iron axes has also been unearthed in the town. Several structures in Wawel have been found. But it is difficult to determine their date of construction.


The entrance to the city is free.

Other Info

The center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. It is a very lively place with tourists all year round. You can avail of horse drawn carriages too. Some of the other attractions you can see are Sukiennice, the Town Hall Tower and the Adam Mickiewicz Monument.

Visitors to the Krakow Old Town will also enjoy the clubs, pubs and cafes nearby. These are situated in medieval cellars and basements. Some of the more popular spots are Club “Pod Jaszczurami” and “Wierzynek” restaurant. These are often staging grounds for different events.