Kranjska Gora – Slovenia

Kranjska Gora – Slovenia is mostly known as a ski resort town with its beautiful Julian Alps. It hosts several winter sports tournaments the most popular of which is the Alpine Skiing World Cup Series which takes place every year.


Kranjska Gora – Slovenia is located in the Julian Alps, within the Upper Sava Valley. Its northern side is embraced by the Karavanke Mountains while on the southern side, is the famous Julian Alps.

It is in the northwestern section of Slovenia.

Getting There

If you are driving or taking your own car hire service, you can reach Kranjska Gora – Slovenia via the Ljubljana- Kranj – Jessenice – Kransjka Gora route. You can get to your destination in less than an hour’s time, thirty minutes at the very least.

If you are arriving by train, the closest railway station is in Jessenice; from the railway depot, you can take a bus going to Kranjska Gora. This ride is roughly about thirty minutes long only.

If you are flying in, the Ljubljana Airport is the nearest airport in Slovenia, to Kranjska Gora. From the airport, you can either take a car hire service or a taxi to get to your destination.

What to See

Being a ski resort town, the most popular activities here are skiing and snowboarding. There are several skiing trails here that you can try out, each one being suitable for specific levels of skiers: from beginners to advanced to experts.

The easy trails ideal for beginners run about 10 kilometers long; the intermediate trails are about 8 kilometers long and the expert trails are 2 kilometers long.

There is also a specific trail for sledding and snowboarding; and this is about 5 kilometers long.

If you wish to go on a cross-country ski ride, there is a cross-country trail that runs about 40 kilometers long.

Now if you happen to be visiting during summer, the mountains are perfect for hiking and the surrounding areas are ideal for cycling.

There are hike trails and bike trails that you can follow so you’ll know that you are going in the right direction and not crossing on restricted areas.

Brief History – About Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora – Slovenia is most famous for the annual Alpine World Cup series which is locally known as Vitranc Cup. It has altitudes that are ideal for all types of skiers; between 810 meters and 1,295 meters.

Covering an area of approximately 125 hectares, the town is rather small but is nonetheless one of the most important ski resort towns in Slovenia.

Being such a small town, you can easily explore the premises on foot which is actually recommended as this gives you plenty of time to take in the breathtaking views provided by the mountains.


Accommodations in Kranjska Gora – Slovenia are excellent as there are several nice hotels, apartment rentals and hostels around the area. Rooms generally cost around 41 to 153 Euros per person.

However, the prices may change during peak season which is in winter so you will find that accommodation rates for winter are slightly different from accommodation costs for summer.

Ski pass rates for Kranjska Gora – Slovenia also vary depending on what time of the day you will be skiing, where exactly you will be skiing and your age. Ski passes range from 18 to 29 Euros for adults; 12 to 19 Euros for kids and 16 to 25 Euros for youth and senior citizens.

Other Information

For ski pass rates, kids’ rates are for children between the ages of 6 and 14; youth rates are for people aged 15 to 23 years and senior citizens are those aged 55 and up.