Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria

Krimml is a township in the state of Salzburg famous for its magnificent waterfalls. The Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria is the most popular tourist attraction in Krimml.

As a matter of fact, travelers who have been here tag this particular tourist sight as a “must – see” in Krimml.


Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria is located in the municipality of Krimml which borders the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. The falls start at the Krimmler Ache from atop the Krimmler Achendal.

Getting There

To get to Krimml, you can go via bus or train and even your own private car hire service. If you’re going by car, you pass through Pingzau Valley and then pass through Gerlospass.

Krimml is located at the foot of Gerlospass.

To get to Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria, there are buses around town that you can take. You can also rent a bike – a very popular mode of transport in town.

What to See and Do

Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria goes down in 3 different stages. From the entry point in Krimml, you will walk for about thirty minutes to reach the first viewing platform for the falls.

The first viewpoint gives you magnificent views of what are known as the Lower Falls. From your first close – up views of the falls, you will then walk for about ten minutes upon which you will reach the next viewing stage known as the Ragenkanzel.

Five minutes off from here is the third viewing point. As you continue walking up, you will pas through several other viewing points including the Riemannkenzel, the Middle Falls and then the Schönangerl.

After Schönnangerl comes Bergerblick; this is considered as the best vantage point of the falls. After this, you will pass through about two more viewing points upon which you will cross a bridge and then start your descent back down to the village.

Brief History

Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria at its highest point has an overall height of about three hundred and eighty meters or approximately one thousand two hundred and forty – seven feet high.

This makes it the highest waterfall in the country. The falls is a tiered type of falls which means that they drop down at various levels. In this case, Krimml Falls drops down to 3 different stages.

At the first stage, the drop is one hundred and forty meters; the second drop is one hundred meters and the third drop is another one hundred and forty meters down.


Entry fee to Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria is approximately 1.50 Euros per person. If you wish to take a taxi bus going up the falls, this costs about 10 Euros per person.

Other Information

Krimml Falls in Salzburg – Austria is open for visits everyday, from 10 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon. It is open year – round but the best time to visit is between the months of July and August when the falls enjoy the highest level of water.