Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal

Lalitpur, also known as Patan, is a major tourist attraction in Nepal because of its cultural and religious heritage as evidenced by its numerous temples and shops selling traditional paintings plus a wide variety of local arts and crafts.

Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal is one of the most notable temples in the city.


Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal is located within Durbar Square, right at the city centre which is the main tourist site in the city.

Getting There

To get to Lalitpur, there are buses that run from Kathmandu to the city and there are likewise taxi services that you can find right in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu that can take you all the way to Lalitpur.

When in Lalitpur, your best option is to walk towards the Square where you can find the temple of Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal.

However, if you do wish to get a ride going to the site where the temple is located, you can always take a local tuk-tuk, minibus or even taxi which you can all find within Lalitpur.

What to See

Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal is made entirely of stone, truly one-of-a-kind when compared to other temples that you can find within Durbar Square. The majestic temple stands on the left side of Durbar Square and its magnificent stonework is truly one for the books.

The temple consists of three stories where the first one displays scenes from the Hindu epic Mahabharata and a shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna; and the second one contains friezes depicting scenes from the Ramayana and a shrine dedicated to Shiva.

The last floor hold a shrine to Lokeshwor.

Kneeling on top of a stone pillar is Lord Krishna’s sacred bird Garuda whose eyes are made of crystal.

Brief History

Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal was said to have been constructed in the year 1637. Story goes that King Siddhi Narasigh Malla, a devotee of the Lord Krishna, had a dream where Lord Krishna and Radha were in front of the palace; simply looking at and standing by the palace.

Where the King saw Lord Krishna and Radha standing, he ordered that a temple be constructed on the exact same spot. When war broke-out, King Siddhi called on Lord Krishna to help him fight and win the war.

The King did subsequently win the war.


The cost to enter Durbar Square and view all its temples including Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur – Nepal is pegged at two hundred rupees.

Buses from Kathmandu to Lalitpur cost about ten rupees.

Accommodations on the other hand, cost about five hundred rupees for single rooms and six hundred rupees for double rooms.

Other Information

Within Durbar Square, you can also visit the Royal Palace with various courtyards where you can also find a museum.