Krkonose – Czech Republic

The tourist attractions at Krkonose have gone a long towards boosting tourism in the Czech Republic. This area is known as the Riesengebirge in Germany (large mountains).


This mountain range is situated at the north area of the Czech Republic. Part of the range is located at the southwest of Poland. The national park bearing its name is at the Hradec Kralove and Liberec regions.

What to See

The mountain range is very popular among tourists all year long. There are many ski resorts in the area, especially at the Czech side. The River Eble is also home to many of these resorts.

The mountains are also very popular among climbers and adventurers. For many people, one of the most enjoyable things to do is to just enjoy the view. There are many other activities you can do such as cycling and hiking.

The mountain range is also known for its rock formations. The most visually impressive is the Muzske kameny-Czeskie Kamienie and the Divci kameny-Slaskie Kamienie. These are at 1400 m over the ridge. What makes the rocks impressive is their resemblance to animals and people. These are among the most popular tourist attractions at Krkonose.


The sub-montane zone is composed of the river valleys and lower layers. This area is filled with forests of different types and aboriginal hardwood. The higher portions are made up of the montane vegetation zone.

The climate in the mountain range is notable for the altering weather. During the winter the snow can reach heights of over 10 feet. The winters are also cold.

During the winter, some parts can be engulfed in snow for up to six months. Mount Snezka-Sniezka is usually hidden by clouds for about 300 days of the year. The average temperature on the mountain is at 2 C. This is akin to the temperature at Iceland.


Tours of the mountains, the park and the other nearby areas will cost anywhere from 400 to 500 Euros. This will include the transportation to the site, guides and lodging.

Other Info

The Krkonose National Park is one of the most popular destinations here. It is located at the mountain range and filled with diverse flora and fauna. The beauty of the place and its importance has resulted in it being named as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tourist attractions at Krkonose are quickly becoming one of the most popular sites in the Czech Republic. As indicated above, there is a lot to see in the area beyond skiing.