Kumana National Park in Hambantota – Sri Lanka

Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka is famous for its diverse flora and fauna. Adjacent to the Yala National Park, it is also one of the country’s foremost nature conservation sites as well.


The park is located 243 miles (391 km) to the southeast of Colombo. This is on the country’s southeast coast.

What to See

Over 250 bird species have been discovered. From April to July, thousands of birds head to the site. Some of the species you will see are the Great Thick-knee, Eurasian Spoonbill, Lesser Adjutant and Black-necked Stork.

Some of the other birds you will find are Pintail Snipes Little Grebe, Lesser Whistling Duck and Black-winged Stilt. The Pheasant-tailed Jacana, White-breasted Waterhen, Purple Swamphen, Common Moorhen and Watercock also flock to the park.

There are several fish variants in the site. Two of the most common are the Mullet and Tilapia. Channa spp is also spotted. Other popular animals are the Indian Black Turtle, Indian Flap-shelled Turtle and Mugger Crocodile.

The swamp is also frequented by Fishing Cat, European Otter and the Sri Lankan Elephant. The wild boar and the Golden Jackal are also seen there. There are several elephants roaming the site. Their number varies from 30 to 40.


The area where the Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka is set is part of a long gone civilization. Archaeologists believe the area was inhabited as far back as the 3rd century BC. Inscriptions in rock dating from the 1st and 2nd century BC have been unearthed. The park is set at the route of the pilgrimage of the Kataragama temple.


The price starts at 276 USD. The camping costs will depend on the duration and number of people with you. A standard 2 night / 3 day camp for four will cost 603 USD. The premium stay will cost 737 USD and the luxury 926 USD. The standard camping fare includes entrance fee, all taxes, full board meals and the safari jeep fee. Premium and luxury rates have more amenities.

Other Info

The vast birdlife is supported by the 20 tanks and lagoons. These are less than 2 meters (6.6 ft) deep. The elevation varies and can reach 90 meters (300 ft). The average temperature is 27.30 C (81.14 F).

The Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka gets 1,300 millimeters (51.18 in) yearly. Since it was made a sanctuary in 1938, it has turned into one of the most vital bird nesting areas in the country.