La Cesta in Monte Titano La Fratta – San Marino

La Cesta in San Marino (or De La Fratta) is one of the three towers on Monte Titano. It is one of the country’s most famous landmarks. The other two towers are Montale and Guaita.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The Cesta and the rest of the towers are at Salita alla Cesta 47890, San Marino. The peaks are impossible to miss as they are overlooking the capital. San Marino does not have an airport. The closest is the one in Rimini.

You can also use the airports at Forlì, Bologna and Ancona. There are no border controls so you can drive freely. From the west, the trip to the country will take 3 hours. The closest train station is at Rimini. You can also take bus 72 at Rimini.

What to See There

The Museum of Historical Weapons is in these towers. The museum honoring Saint Marinus was incorporated in the De La Fratta tower in 1956. The tower itself however, was created in the 13th century. From the tower, you will see majestic views of the blue seas. Far below, the green plains can be seen as well.

The mountains lie between the clouds and the plains. These towers are the ones displayed on San Marino’s national flag. Of the three, it is La Cesta in San Marino that is set on the highest peak.


The oldest of the three towers is the Guaita. Built during the 11th century, it is the most popular of the three. It was used as a prison for a while. De La Fratta is right in the middle of the two. The third tower, Montale, is the smallest of the three. This was built in the 14th century.


Purchasing a yellow card allows you to see one of the three towers. The red card lets you see two of the three towers. The yellow card costs 3 Euros. The red card costs 4 Euros.

Other Info

Note that only the towers of De La Fratta and Guaita are open to the public. The tower of Montale is not publicly accessible. The towers are so popular there is a cake named after them. It is known as Cake of the Three Mountains/Towers (La Torta Di Tre Monti).

When you go to La Cesta in San Marino, keep in mind that parking is mostly free. Also remember that the currency used is the Euro.