La Laguna Botanical Garden in San Salvador – El Salvador

The La Laguna Botanical Garden is one of the most distinct tourist attractions in El Salvador, if not the world. It is a botanical garden, but its environment sets it apart from the rest.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The botanical garden is in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is 8 km off the Pan American Highway. It is south of Antiguo Cuscatlan at the Industrial Zone of La Laguna. You can reach the place via a taxi.

What to See There

The garden has a lagoon located in its center. The lake is the center of attraction. But the plant life is something to behold as well. There are over 3,300 different plant species in the area. Included among them are aquatic plants, desert plants, begonias, bromeliads, medicinal plants and orchids. The site is also home to assorted woodland animals. Birds of all types can be seen there too.


The La Laguna Botanical Garden spans 7 acres. It has been a natural attraction in the country for a long time. Nature has sculpted the area so the slopes function like wind breakers. Numerous innovations have been added to the site.

The sidewalks are paved so walking is easy. The garden itself is not for public access; it is used for scientific research. But the area around it may be visited by people.

The technical center is always in touch with other botanical gardens. There is also a literature exchange that takes place with other facilities worldwide.

The center is also into publishing. It releases several books in Spanish. Some of the books are for the public, while other publications are meant for the scientific community only.


The entrance fee is $2. But inflation may cause the price to go up anytime.

Other Info

The agoutis can be found all around the site. For orchid lovers, the best time to visit would be around March and April. However, some orchids do bloom a little earlier than that.

There is a restaurant along the lake. It serves traditional El Salvadoran food. There are also some snacks and beverages served there. The best place to view the birds is around the trees close to the aquatic plants.

Part of the nursery can be seen as you stroll along the paths. The La Laguna Botanical Garden is open from 09:00 to 17:00. It is open everyday except Mondays.