La Paz – Bolivia

Tourist attractions at La Paz are among the most interesting and unique in South America. These sightseeing spots have contributed a lot in making Bolivia a premier tourist destination.


The city is in the western portion of Bolivia. You can fly in via El Alto International Airport. Once you are in the city, you can get around by bus and taxi.

What to See

Make sure to check out the Sagarnaga Street at the south of Plaza San Francisco. You will see a lot of stores, cafes, travel agencies and souvenir stores. For something different, head over to the Witches’ Market. You can buy some musical instruments, soapstone figurines and aphrodisiac formulas.

Eloy Salmon is filled with shops and Calle Jaen has many colonial edifices. For government buildings, there is Plaza Murillo. Other tourist attractions at La Paz you can visit are Valle de La Luna, Museum San Francisco and Tiwanaku Museum.

Those in the city can buy some handicrafts at A Manos and Ayni Bolivia. If you want to watch some movies, check out the cinemas MultiCine, Cinemateca Boliviana and Monje Campero. These show everything from local movies to international blockbusters. Some of the restaurants in the area are Chifa Puerta del Sol, Restaurant Sabrosa Taiwanesa and Utama. Different types of food are served here.


The city was founded in 1548 at the Andes. One of the most notable aspects of it are the altitude. At the residential areas, it is 3100 meters (10,170 feet). At the airport, it is 4058 meters (13,313 feet) above sea level. This makes it the highest capital on the planet.

The city is set on a canyon made by the River Choqueyapu. The main thoroughfare of the city mimics the flow of the river. The names change throughout its length. But the middle sector is known as Prado. The more affluent people are residing in the lower areas of the city.


The taxi fare at the airport to the city center is Bs 50 (about US$8). If you prefer shared vans, the fare will be Bs 4 (US$0.50).

Other Info

Other fine museums in the city are the Bolivian Andean Textile Museum, Museum of Precious Metals and the Submerged Museum. For some interesting views, there is Mirador Killi Killi, Parque Laikacota and Mirador Monticulo.

The other tourist attractions at La Paz include penas, or traditional folk music. Two of the best places to catch Andean music are Marka Tambo and Huari.