Labadie Island – Haiti

Labadie Island in Haiti is one of the biggest tourist spots in the region. Since 1986, this private resort has been a major contributor to the Haitian tourism industry. The port is also spelled as Labadee.

Location and How to Get There

Labadee is situated on Haiti’s north coast. It has two sides: the village and the Haiti cruise stop. The village is located about 8 km (5 miles) to the west of Cap-Haitien. The site is best reached by boat. As it is set up expressly for tourists, transportation is plentiful. Water taxis can take you to the village.

What to See There

As a tourist hotspot, Labadee is filled with different attractions and highlights. Travelling around the area you will get a nice view of the anchored cruise ships. The site is enveloped by azure waters. Scattered around Labadie Island in Haiti are vibrant green islands filled with gold sand.

From the port you will see floating rafts and banana boats. Waterfalls and trees abound. The location is usually described as an island. In fact, it is really a peninsula.


The site is named after Marquis de La’Badie, a Frenchman who lived in the area sometime in the 17th century. The spelling was changed so English speaking people could pronounce it properly.

Today, the resort is designed exclusively for tourists. The land is currently leased by Royal Caribbean International. The site is closed off from the area surrounding it. Only certain merchants are allowed to peddle their wares there.


The cost varies depending on the travel agency you choose. If you are making a stopover at Port-au-Prince, the airline tickets will cost USD 125-132. The amount may vary due to inflation however. Tourist bus tickets costs $40 USD.

Other Info

Besides the natural beauty of the place, there are other tourist attractions. Different watersports activities can be performed in its beaches. There is a flea market where people can buy stuff. Two of the more popular attractions are the zip line and water-oriented playground.

If you do decide to go to Haiti itself, try memorizing a few Haitian Creole words. Even if it is only a little, they will appreciate it. Always ask permission from the locals before snapping photos.

Labadie Island in Haiti continues to draw scores of tourists yearly.
Its many hotspots, plus the friendly people, have turned it into one of the must-visit sites in the country.