Lae in Morobe – Papua New Guinea

Lae in Morobe is one of the major cities in Papua New Guinea. Although not yet well known, it can be one of the most interesting places you can visit in the country.


The city is the capital of Morobe Province. It can be found at the beginning of the Highlands Highway. The province is located at the north coast of Papua New Guinea.

What to See

The city is probably best known for its many commercial centers and its seaport. The Lae War Cemetery is certainly worth a visit. There is also the Labu Tali Conservation Area and the McAdam National Park. The latter is particularly attractive thanks to its lush scenery. A sign of the progress of the city is the International Hotel, one of the best in Lae in Morobe.


The city began life in the 1920s and 30s during the gold rush. Just like other towns in the country, this one centered around an airstrip. Cargo would come to the town and be taken by air to Wau.

The city first became known worldwide in July 1937. It was at its airport that American aviator Amelia Earhart was last seen. After flying out, Earhart was never seen again.

In 1937, volcanic explosions took place in Rabaul. It was then decided that the Territory of New Guinea capital be moved to its present location. Before the transfer could take place, World War II took place.

in 1942, the Japanese took over the town. It would go on to become one of the major headquarters of the Japanese. Following several defeats in 1943, the Japanese had to retreat into the town. But it eventually fell to the Allies on September 16. After the war, efforts to modernize the city began.

It was around this time that the Highlands Highway and the port were built by the government. During the 1980s and 1990s, the city became a major boost to the economy thanks to the mineral boom.


Prices for the tour will be around 5000 USD for an 8 or 10 day stay in the country.

Other Info

Like the rest of New Guinea, the city and the province are known for the natural scenery. There are mountains, lakes, rivers and diving sites. There are also jungles and rain forests to explore.

All these locations are near Lae in Morobe. Aside from its natural wonders, there are also many restaurants in the city.