Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia

Bled is a city in Slovenia that is a favorite holiday destination for those looking to enjoy a romantic getaway. It has a stunning view of the Julian Alps and the emerald waters of Lake Bled from where you can see the majestic Bled Castle.


Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia runs through the eastern side of the town, northwest of Slovenia. It is approximately thirty-five kilometers from the airport in Ljubljana and fifty-five kilometers from the Ljubljana city centre.

Getting There

Flying in to Bled is via the Joze Pucnik Airport in Ljubljana. From here, you can take a taxi or a bus going to Bled.

Once in Bled, you can easily get to Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia on foot as the town is relatively small.

What to See and Do

The only activity allowed in Lake Bled is fishing. Here, you can catch pike, catfish, carp and trout. You can however take hikes around the lake and you can easily walk around the entire length of the lake in about one hour.

Hike up to Velika Osojnica along the southwest portion of Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia to get a spectacular view of the town. This spot is actually very popular among photographers.

Around Bled, you can also go swimming at the Castle Bathing Area, go ice skating at their indoor skating facilities, play golf at the Country Club and go tobogganing.

Festivals are also part of the attraction in Bled. These include Bled Days where 3 days of musical concerts are held; Okarina Etno Festival that features folk music and International Music Festival that features classical music.

Brief History

Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia was formed after the collapse of the Bohinj glacier. This glacial lake is approximately two thousand one hundred and twenty meters long and about one thousand three hundred and eight meters wide.

It has a maximum depth of more approximately thirty-one meters.

It was during the last Ice Age that the Bohinj glacier caused the natural hollow to grow deeper. As the ice started melting, the basin was filled-up by water. After this natural occurrence, Lake Bled in Bled – Slovenia was formed.


The cost to fish in Lake Bled is €20 for a day and you can obtain this permit from the Tourist Office.

For staying around Bled, you have several options. There is a camp site in town and staying here is roughly about €8.50 up to €12.50. Hostel beds cost about €11 up to €22 for a single bed and €36 up to €48 for a double bed.

For mid-range hotels, rooms are at €37 up to €100 for a single room and €54 up to €122 for a double room.

Other Information

Most accommodations around Bled, including the campsite, has free access to the internet.