Lake Ichkeul in Bizerte – Tunisia

A trip to the Ichkeul Lake is one of the most interesting things you can do in Tunisia. The views around the lake are beautiful, and there are also plenty of other attractions around the site as well.


The lake can be found in Bizerte, close to the Mediterranean Sea shores at northern Tunisia.

What to See

The views around the lake are among the most scenic in Tunisia. The clear blue skies match very well with the azure waters. From the shores you will also get to see the rugged mountains and the terrain.

On a clear day you will see the reflection of the mountains on the lake. There is also a national park that bears the name of the lake. It is a stopover for the thousands of migratory birds. Those who go to Ichkeul Lake will see pink flamingos, storks, geese and ducks.


Tunisia today has a population of 10 million. Majority of them are of the Berber-Arab descent. However, there is an ethnic mix from the east and west of the Mediterranean region. The ethnicities are comprised of Turks, Iranians, Circassians and Jews. There are also some dating from the Egyptians, Corsicans, Sicilians and Ottoman.

Its capital can be found close to the coast between Cap Bon and mouth of the Medjerda river. Tunisia city is the capital with a population of over 800,000. Sfax is the second biggest with a population of 350,000.

The area has had several names over the centuries. The Berbers used to call it Massyli. It was here that the Romans set up the Province of Africa.


The cost of a travel package to Tunisia varies greatly. For a couple staying for a week, the price will be around 1,300 USD or thereabouts. But many web sites offer discounted travel package tours.

Other Info

A dam has been constructed at the feeder rivers of the lake. This led to changes to the ecology of the wetlands and the lake. The dams limited the freshwater inflow to the marshes and the lakes fresh-water plant species, sedges and reedbeds. Their place has been taken over by salt loving plants. This affected the migratory birds. However, the government has taken steps to overcome this problem and stop it from affecting the birds.

Ichkeul Lake and the national park bearing its name have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1980. The lake remains one of the most popular sites in the country today.