Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya

Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya belongs to a group of lakes in the Rift Valley. The lake is a protected area designated as Lake Nakuru National Park, established in the year 1961.


Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya is located approximately four kilometers of the Nakuru Town city centre. It is about one hundred and fifty-six kilometers off the northwestern parts of Nairobi.

Getting There

Access to Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya is via the main gate about for kilometers of the city centre. Via the Lanet Gate, take the road linking Nairobi to Nakuru, the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

What to See and Do

Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya is most commonly known for the thousands of flamingoes inhabiting the shores along the lake. There are likewise about four hundred and fifty terrestrial birds inhabiting the surrounding areas.

Within the protected area of Lake Nakuru National Park, there is an animal sanctuary that is home to black and white rhinos as well as Rothschild giraffes.

You can also visit the Makalia Waterfalls, and choose from three specific vantage points for viewing the flamingoes: Lion Hill, Out of Africa and Baboon Hill.

Baboon Hill is usually the recommended vantage point as it is from here that you can get the best views of the pink flamingoes.

Brief History

Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya is abundant in algae which is the main reason why thousands of flamingoes flock the area surrounding the lake. Back in the 1990s, the lake’s water level experienced a dramatic drop but its has since recovered from this.

In 1961, Lake Nakuru National Park was established to protect and conserve the lake and its surrounding areas. The lake is protected by the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty that serves to protect and preserve wetlands.


The cost to visit Lake Nakuru National Park is around USD60 for adults, USD30 for kids and USD20 for students. Re-entry fees for adults are at USD35 and USD23 for children.

Accommodations around Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya are around 800 shillings per person, per night.

Dining out in Nakuru Town is around 100 up to 150 shillings per person for budget meals and up to 300 shillings for mid-range meals.

Other Information

When visiting the national park in Lake Nakuru in Nakuru Town – Kenya, re-entry fees are for visitors who have already visited the park on a specific day but may want to go back on the next day.

Entry fees are valid for single entry up to twenty-four hours.