Lake Paijanne – Finland

Lake Paijanne is an important landmark in Finland. It is the second largest lake in the country with a total area of 1,080 square kilometers. There are eleven major islands that can be found here and they are all worth the visit. Aside from handsome bodies of water, great forest areas are also featured.

Location and How to Get There

Lake Paijanne runs through from north to south. It is in the south-central side of Finland. There are many available ways to access them via rugged and rocky roads. Hiring a private taxi or car rental is pretty ideal, especially if you hardly have any idea of your way around.

What to See There

The greatness of the lake is one of the more popular features of Lake Paijanne. Add to that are the tourist spots that you will see along the way. There is a Doll Museum to the north of Sysma. It has a rich display of many different toys, of dolls of all kinds as well as different models of dollhouses. Besides it, you can also find a 15th century stone church that was finely built.

On its own, lake Paijanne is a nice sight what with all the natural treasures enveloped in it. It is broken by many different islands, which also have their own set of allures, some towns that are also worth the visit.


Lake Paijanne is one of the many natural wonders that you can find in Finland. In 1993, Paijanne Park was established mainly to feature the southern parts of the island where unbuilt and inhabited islands are located. It is a 14 square kilometer sanctuary where you can enjoy the beauty of the lake and of Finland in general.


There are no declared costs to be able to explore Lake Paijanne. If you are to shed some dollars, they are probably as payment for transport, for entrance to the park and other tourist sites like the Doll Museum, and for your food. Eating local Finnish while exploring the tremendous lake will give your adventure further excitement.

Other Info

Lake Paijanne is broken by thousands of different islands. Some are unbuilt, others are inhabited, while some others are purely attractive to have an adventure on. Upon visiting this tourist site, you will never get short of exciting and amazing things to do. There are lots of sights to see, things to do, and some activities that you must try. Exploring Lake Paijanne is almost equivalent to exploring a nice chunk of the Finnish lifestyle because it is a great part of the country.