Lake Saiful Muluk in Khagan Valley – Pakistan

Lake Saiful Muluk in Khagan Valley is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Pakistan. Its natural beauty has drawn people to it, inspiring stories and legends along the way.


The lake is set along the north end of Kaghan Valley close to Naran. This is at the northeast portion of the Mansehra District in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhw in Pakistan. It can be accessed via a 14 km road near Naran.

What to See

The best way to enjoy the lake is by trekking. From Naran, the trek takes a couple of hours. The lake has a green tint and it is extremely clear. The clarity is due to the glaciers from the basin.

The basin is the source of Lake Saiful Muluk. On a clear day, the green hue is a perfect match for the blue sky. The mountains serve as the perfect backdrop. The numerous mountain ranges also attract tourists.


The lake is set at an altitude of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) over sea level. This is one of the highest in all of Pakistan. You will experience moderate weather during daytime. But it will go into minus degrees at night.

The Kaghan valley runs 155 km with the highest point being Babusar Pass (4,145 meters). If going on a trek to the valley, Naran is the way to go. You can get to Naran via jeep. The optimum time to visit the valley is from May to September. During the monsoon season, movement is restricted.

Since ancient times, the lake has been subject to legend. A story written by the poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh tells the story of a Persian prince who was smitten with the fairy in the lake. According to the legend, fairies still come down to the lake when the moon waxes full.


Train fares are constantly changing. But the fee to lug your load is 25 to 50 Rs. It will cost more if you are carrying a lot of luggage. Luxury buses will cost anywhere from 150 Rs to 530 Rs. Note that the cost will also hinge on the duration of your trip.

Other Info

Due to the growing popularity of the site, there are many businessmen who are planning on building some hotels nearby.

If you are going to Lake Saiful Muluk in the summer, you can access Naran by way of the Mansehra road. This is via Kaghan and Balakot.