Lake Siljan in Dalarna – Sweden

Lake Siljan in Dalarna is the sixth biggest lake in Sweden. The lake and the area around it are among the most popular attractions not just in the country but in Europe.


The lake is situated in Dalarna in the center of the country. Mora is the biggest town along its shore.

What to See

The popularity of the lake is due to its picturesque setting. During sunsets, the lake basks in the glow of the sun, casting a yellowish hue around the whole area. During the summer, the bright white clouds are scattered over the clear blue skies. Completing the scenery are the verdant greens and crystal clear waters. The lake also comes alive with autumn colors as the season comes around.

You can admire the scenery by simply walking. Another way is by riding a boat on the lake. There are cruises available during the summer. Besides a tour of the lake, lunch and dinner are offered. The cruises usually come from Leksand, Rattvik and Mora.


Lake Siljan in Dalarna is situated close to the Siljansringen southwestern perimeter. This is a geological formation, circular in shape. With the exception of Russia, it is the biggest impact crater on the continent.

The meteor struck the site approximately 330 million years ago. The impact was equivalent to over 500 million atomic bombs. The blast created a crater 75 km in diameter. The resulting explosion also destroyed all life forms in the area. This is the area where tourists paddle canoes in leisure.


The daily budget is at least 1000 SEK (156 USD / 112 Euros). A bottle of soft drinks may cost 10 SEK (1 USD). Buying a beer in a bar will set you back 45 SEK (7 USD / 5 Euros). Hotel rates are approximately 1300 SEK (215 USD / 155 Euros).

Other Info

The lake has a surface area of 354 km2 if the adjacent lakes are included. It has a maximum depth of 120 meters. The surface elevation is 161 m and the water volume is 42 km3.

The whole region is a well known summer destination. Besides the river, there are many festivals and outdoor activities you can participate in. Paths extending 300 kilometers around the lake have cycling and walking paths.

There is speculation that the area around Lake Siljan in Dalarna has oil. But drilling projects have not unearthed any. Only lead and zinc have been discovered.