Lancetilla Botanical Gardens in Tela – Honduras

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is Honduras’ only botanical garden. It is also one of the largest on the continent, with some unique elements and features.


The garden can be found near the city of Tela to the north of Honduras. Its address is Apartado Postal 49, Tela. It is just a few kilometers from the city. If you are at Tela, you can rent a bike and reach the site in no time.

What to See

The garden encompasses an area of nearly 1700 hectares. There is a vast amount of flora and fauna in the site, collected over a period of almost 100 years. A branch of the National School of Forest Sciences, the plant collection here is very extensive. Many of the plants at the Lancetilla Botanical Garden are from Central America.

However, there are also plenty from other parts of the world. Several types of birds also live in the garden / park. They are drawn in by the numerous fruit trees. The varied wildlife and hiking trails is bound to keep you occupied and entertained.


The park was established in 1926. It was originally intended for experimental purposes. However, it became very popular and turned into a tourist destination. However, Tela was founded back on 3 May 1524 by Spanish conquistador Cristobal de Olid. It was originally named Triunfo de la Cruz (Triumph of the Cross).

It became a component of the Western Caribbean Zone. During the 16th century, the town and the bay would be frequented by pirates and buccaneers. Their purpose was to attack the Spanish schooners carrying precious stones and metals.

The 1825 political division saw the town becoming part of Yoro. From 1880 to the 20th century, the economy relied heavily on banana cultivation and production. Today, the economy is booming thanks partly to tourism and trade.


The admission fee is Lps. 50.00. This includes a tour guide.

Other Info

First time visitors to the garden will have no trouble navigating the site thanks to the marked trail. If you keep to the road, you will end up in a beautiful bamboo forest. You will also come across a swimming area in the River of Lancetilla. After spending the day hiking, a splash in the waters can be a lot of fun.

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is open daily Mondays to Sundays beginning at 7 in the morning. It closes at three in the afternoon.