Landmarks in Sofia – Bulgaria

The many landmarks in Sofia, Bulgaria have made it one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Since the fall of Communism, it has become a premier tourist destination.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The Sofia Airport is only 10 km from the center of the city. It has flights to and from the major European cities around the world. You can also travel by train.

Some of the routes you can use are from Moscow, Vienna, Athens and Istanbul among many others. Those driving by car can use E79/A6 if going from north and south. If coming from the east, take Highway E80/A1-A3.

What to See There

Some of the most famous landmarks in Sofia include the National Assembly of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the van Vazov National Theatre and the National Palace of Culture.

Some of its most famous historical buildings are the Amphitheatre of Serdica, Battenberg Mausoleum, Monument to Vasil Levski and Monument to the Tsar Liberator. Some of its most renowned museums are the National Museum of Military History and the National Museum of History.


The city was established over 2,300 years ago. As the centuries went by, numerous names were given to the city. The ruins of these old settlements can still be seen today. The city fell into decay under the Ottoman Empire. The Russian liberation in 1878 gave the city new life. Sofia was declared the capital of Bulgaria during the First National Constituent Assembly. A period of rapid construction would follow.


The taxi fare from the airport is 10 leva. If there is traffic, you can pay 12 leva. Museum fees vary. At the Earth and Man National Museum, it is 2 leva. At the Museum of History in Sofia, it is 4 leva. The fee is usually the same for the galleries.

Other Info

Bulgaria’s capital is known for its numerous outdoor restaurants. They are particularly enjoyable during the summer. You can also watch some movies in the Arena Cinema. If you want to splurge, check out Vitosha Boulevard in the city center. The Mall is also a good place to go shopping. There also many restaurants in it.

City gardens and open spaces count among the landmarks in Sofia. These include Borisova gradina, the City Garden and the Largo. The Orlov Most Bridge and the Prince Alexander of Battenberg Square are also worth visiting. ?