Las Lenas in Mendoza Province – Argentina

The Las Lenas ski resort is one of the most popular destinations in Argentina. This small village is devoted entirely to skiing, and will definitely be enjoyed by those who love the snow.


The village can be found in the western section of Mendoza Province in Argentina. This ski resort is about 746 miles (1200 km) from Buenos Aires. Although it is a ski resort, the road is paved. Travel is rarely hampered by heavy snow.

What to See

The ski area has many types of slopes, ranging from the extreme to the very easy. The ski area starts at 7,350 feet (2,240 m) above sea level. The highest peak is 3,937 ft (1,200 m). There are 27 runs with a total ski area of 2.3 km2 (1 sq mi). The maximum no stop distance is 4 miles / 7 km.

The Las Lenas ski resort village has a casino and a cinema. There are also many restaurants, night clubs and stores. There is also a snow tubing hill and supermarket. There are also game rooms. 15 minutes away from the village is Los Molles. There are many cabins and hotels there.

If you need to buy some equipment, there are several ski-related stores to choose from. There is also a bank, some souvenir shops and chocolate shops as well.


The available evidence shows that the area making up the Mendoza Province was first settled in by humans some 12-13,000 years ago. There is also evidence that in 300 BC, primitive people lived in the area. They were hunters and also engaged in the cultivation of beans, pumpkins and maize.

It was here that the Agrelo culture arose. This would go on to have a profound influence on the Empire of the Incas. According to the tradition, the Inca Tupac Yupanqui came in 1470.


There are many different tour packages available. A 7 day tour of
Argentina including a visit to Las Lenas will cost about 1300 USD. However, there are many options, so you should check each one first.

Other Info

The skiing season is from the middle of June until the middle of October. During the summer, the village is still open for climbing, horse riding and mountain biking.

The Las Lenas ski resort has a snowboard and ski school. These are open for children and adults. There are also numerous workshops available for skiers of all skill levels.