Las Medulas in Ponferrada – Spain

Ponferrada is an exciting city to explore in Spain. That is especially since it is the site of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Las Medulas.

Location and How to Get There

Las Medulas is just a few kilometers away from downtown Ponferrada. It is situated in El Bierzo region, which used to be the most important gold mine in the Roman Empire. Getting there is easy by public transportation. If you aim for comfort and convenience, you may also hire a private car rental or a taxi. That is, of course, if you are prepared to cough up a few extra dollars.

What to See There

The best thing about visiting Las Medulas is having an opportunity to take a glimpse back in history. Its historical and cultural significance is mostly what people are excited to take an adventure on. It was the spectacular landscape of Las Medulas that made way for a special mining system called Ruina Montium. It was also the stunning scenery of this amazing site that draws tourism money to the region.

Basically, Las Medulas is a sightseeing destination. It is a place to see and experience the best of El Bierzo and whatever is left of its amazing beauty.


It was in Las Medulas where Ruina Montium was developed. This Roman mining technique has been around since 77 A.D. It was a type of hydraulic mining system. Although quite dangerous, it has become a source of economic revenue for the region. It was Ruina Montium that made it possible for El Bierzo to become the most important gold mine.

In 1997, Las Medulas was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is now a cultural park where local and foreign tourists alike explore as an example of a good research management society.


There is no word about the specific cost visitors need to pay to enter the Las Medulas Cultural Park. One thing is for sure, though. That amount is but minimal and is sure worth every cent because of the beauty that lies within.

Las Medulas is an interesting place that will provide you with an overview of the regions mining heritage.

Other Info

Researches were made in Las Medulas since 1980s. As a result, it was instantly transformed into a cultural landscape where details about Roman mining were explored. At the moment, Las Medulas Cultural Park is managed and supervised by the Las Medulas Foundation It is responsible for the preservation and monitoring of the site, making sure that it will still be available for future explorations of generations to come.