Laura Beach – Marshall Islands

Laura Beach of Marshall Islands is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the islands of the Pacific. The beautiful scenery has enchanted explorers for centuries. It has the same effect on tourists today.


The beach can be found at the western tip of Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands. You can reach the beach via taxi or bus. It is about 40 km from the town center.

What to See

The beach is famous for its clear and pristine waters, ideal for swimming during the hot summer days. You can also relax on the sand and enjoy the sun. For many, the most enjoyable part is strolling on the beach or watching the day go by.

During the afternoons, you will be able to see the glorious sunsets. The exquisite sands are ideal for making sandcastles. There are also places where you can have picnics. Laura Beach of Marshall Islands is a great place to hang around when you are with your loved ones.


By the 2nd millennium BC, the island was already inhabited by the Micronesians. The 1500s saw the first Europeans coming to the islands. In the 1800s, the islands became a part of the German Empire.

After World War I, the Japanese gained control of them. Hundreds of Japanese immigrants would settle there. In World War II, the islands were occupied by the Americans. The islands would become US territory after the war.

By the start of the Cold War, several of the atolls had become nuclear weapon test sites. In 1986, the islands were given independence. As the years passed by, it has become a tourist destination.


The buses can take you to the island for 2 USD. There are also taxis, but they are more expensive. The visas will cost 25 USD. The business visas cost 50 USD.

Other Info

Not far from the beach is the Eneko Island atoll. You can explore this island and even stay there overnight. The islands evoke feelings of being one with nature.

However, there is Internet access here. If you need to access the Web, the place to go is the National Telecommunication building. You will recognize it; it is in the center of Majuro with some satellite dishes at the front.

Laura Beach of Marshall Islands is a nice place to relax, have a swim or just watch the day go by. Another plus is it does not get crowded like other tourist sites.