Levera National Park – Grenada

There is nothing more special than to experience Grenada through its ecotourism and there is nothing more ideal to do that than through the Levera National Park.

The Levera National park is an ecotourism site that will introduce you to Grenada’s rich flora and fauna as well as its amazing birdlife.

Location and How to Get There

The Levera National Park is located at the northeastern side of Grenada. From its spot, spectacular views of the Sugar Loaf Island, the Sand Island, and the Green Island is quite very accessible.

To get to Levera National Park, you have to travel to Lake Antoine, then, take the north road to the roundabout of the River Sallee. Once there, you only have to turn right to find the entrance to the park. If you are clueless about this route, you can easily find a helpful cabbie driver that will show you the way and will doubly serve as your tour guide. Do not be afraid to ask because they are more than willing to answer questions hospitably.

What to See There

There are many different sights within this particular site. There is the mangrove swamp, which is considered the biggest in the country. There are also the cone-shaped hills, which will give you the thrills. There is also the 23-acre pond, which is fantastically surrounded by mangroves, coconut palms, cactus, and woody scrubs.

All of Levera National Park’s 450 acres of area is filled with every bit of amazing wildlife. There are many activities to enjoy; endless opportunities for having fun.


Levera National Park is surrounded by wonderful bodies of water – there are ponds, beaches, islands that can be found nearby. With its amazing location and its fantastic beauty, it is not surprising that Levera National Park shot into fame in a short span of time.


It is not clear as to how many dollars you will need to enter the park district. But definitely, every money you will spent is worthwhile because of the amazing beauty that lies within.

It is a joy to watch the wildlife habitats, go swimming in the picturesque beaches, or dive in to see the lively underwater life.

Other Info

Levera National Park is truly a tourist’s haven. The mangrove swamp, the lagoon, the birdlife, the coral reefs, the sea grass beds, the sea turtles – all completes a stunning recreation that will keep you relaxed and recharge after a few days of vacation. Interesting activities include walking through trails, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and sightseeing among others.