Livadia Palace in Yalta – Ukraine

A Livadia Palace tour will allow you to explore the former summer retreat of the Tsars. Since that time, the place has become a tourist hotspot and also a venue for international conferences.


The palace is situated at Livadiya, Crimea. This is just a few kilometers to the west of Yalta. The address is Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Greater Yalta, Livadia village.

What to See

The palace was constructed after the Neo-Renaissance style. White Crimean granite was used. There are several bays with jasper vases. There is also a balcony-belvedere, exquisitely designed Bramantesque windows and a Florentine tower. A Livadia Palace tour will give you the chance to see the Italian and Arabic patios and arched Carrara marble portico.

Visitors to the palace will also notice the gallery that links the place to the neo-Byzantine church of the Exaltation of the Cross.
Aside from the features of the palace, there are also several parks tp be enjoyed.

One of the most enjoyable activities you can do here is to go to the area where the Yalta Conference of the Allied Powers took place. The living room area of the Romanovs can be seen at the second floor. The room of the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II is at the second floor.


In 1860, the palace was presented by Alexander II to his wife. After Alexander II died, the palace came into the possession of Nicholas II. He had the palace brought down and a new one built in its place. The new palace was built with the help of architect Ippolito Antonovich Monighetti.

Construction of the palace was completed on September 11, 1911 after 17 months of work. The palace would go on to become the summer residence of the Tsars. It would also be used as the workers’ sanatorium. Today it has become a popular tourist destination in Ukraine.


The entrance fee is UAH 40. This is equal to 3.80 Euros. If you want to take pictures, there will be an additional fee of UAH 20.

Other Info

The palace has 116 rooms. In addition, there is a Jacob-style study, a dining room in the Neo-baroque style and a billiards room. There is also a Pompeian vestibule.

The Livadia Palace tour can be done anytime from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. The room were Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill met in 1945 to determine Europe’s future can still be seen.