Los Planes Lookout Point – El Salvador

The Los Planes Lookout Point provides you with majestic views of nature. If you are a first time visitor, the vistas will make you want to come back for more.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The site is situated to the east of Balboa Park. The park is less than 10 km from San Salvador, the capital. Take bus number 12 and you will get to the park. From there, head east to reach the lookout.

What to See There

From the lookout, spectacular views of Hopango Lake and San Salvador can be seen. The perspective from the site makes those places even more splendid looking than usual. The altitude also provides views of the clouds, the sky and mountains below it.

From this vantage point, the San Jacinto Mountain is clearly visible. Depending on your angle, the San Marcos suburbs will become apparent at the Los Planes Lookout Point. From the lookout you can head on to Balboa Park. There are several animals to be seen there including birds and rabbits.


This vantage point has been around for a very long time. But Balboa Park was opened to the public in 1949 only. The park is 1,000 m above sea level. This helps keep the climate cool in stark contrast to the rest of the city.

The views from the site have not always been there of course. They were formed at different times. But its current state has been there for several years now.


Bus fares from San Salvador cost less than 1 USD (often at 0.70 USD). Plane tickets differ depending where you come from. Keep in mind that tour packages do not always include ticket fares in the package.

Other Info

The lookout is just one of the attractions in the area. Balboa Park plays host to many special events during the weekends. Folk dances are very common. Exhibitions of local arts and crafts also take place in the park.

There are restaurants and eateries for budget travelers. There is Pollo Campero, Pollo Campestre and western fast food chains. Mid range dining places include Tony Roma, La Panetiere, Punto Literario.and Sal y pimiento. If you feel like splurging, try A lo Nuestro, La Pampa Argentina, Los Ranchos or Las Orquideas.

If you are visiting the Los Planes Lookout Point, don’t forget to try out the pupusas. Balboa Park is also home to many other eateries.