Lovers Lake in Keelung – Taiwan

If you ever happen to be in Keelung, there is one destination you must not miss – the Lovers Lake. It is quite popular not just in Keelung, not just in Taiwan, but in the whole world.

Location and How to Get There

The Lovers Lake is outside the western part of Keelung, which is only a short distance away from the country capital of Taipei. It is accessible via road travel. The City Bus 505 stops at the Lovers Lake Park. From the bus stop, you will need to walk about 25 minutes to reach the entrance to the park.

What to See There

The Lovers Lake is not just for lovers. It is also ideal for families who would like an outdoor picnic showered with all the good things nature can offer. The Lovers Lake is the only highland in Keelung. It is surrounded by dense green forests and plenty of open space that you can use for picnics and outdoor barbecues.

The water at the lake is especially fresh as it resulted from the convergence of several mountain creeks. As the Lovers Lake is placed high above on the mountains, it will give you a breathtaking overview of the greenery below.

The Lovers Lake is equipped with tourism facilities such as kiosks, an observation platform, a suspension bridge, some windmills, and passageways, which are ideal for visitors who like strolling around. The most exciting activity here is standing on the observation platform and appreciating the seashore from there.

You might want to time your visit during summer and spring. This is when hordes of insects, butterflies, and migratory birds often gather for added attraction.

Walking through the beautiful scenery of Lovers Lake is an amazing tourism activity on its own. In this sanctuary, you will definitely enjoy some quality R&R or rest and relaxation. The sights will keep away the stress that you acquired from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


There is no word about the entrance fee to Lovers Lake Park. But for sure, if ever there is a fee required, it is only minimal amount that is worth all the sights and experiences you may enjoy there.

Other Info

Aside from the Lovers Lake, you must also see and experience the Keelung Islet via an enjoyable boat cruise. Although it is on the other side of Lovers Lake, east of Keelung City, it is definitely worth the trip with its lovely view.

You may also check out some historical sights to discover the city’s rich historical heritage. Some of your site choices include Gongzih Liao Fort, the Baimiwong Fort, and the Dawulum Fort.