Luxor in Cairo – Egypt

Luxor in Egypt has been called the biggest open air museum in the world. Its numerous attractions have made it the major tourist destination in Upper Egypt. It is the religious center of the Middle and New Kingdoms. The site is the home of Thebes, a very important historical site.

How to Get There

An internal flight from Cairo will take you there in an hour’s time. Your hotel will also provide the means to get to the religious center. If you want to travel by land, there are several taxis available. You can also reach the city via train.

There are several train modes to choose from at Ramesses Station Cairo. There are also air conditioned trains that offer a good view of countryside as well. There are also air-conditioned express and overnight rail services you can ride on.

What to See in Luxor in Egypt

The temples are very popular, but so are the royal tombs. Also not to be missed are the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak and the Tombs of the Nobles. Other attractions include the Medinet Habu and the Ramesseum Temple.

The Valley of the Queens is another place worthy of visit. If you stroll along the desert, you will eventually reach the Valley of the Kings. The ancient city of Thebes is also just 15 minutes away. Visitors can also take advantage of a felucca ride.


The archaeological evidence shows that as early as the 11th Dynasty, it was already a bustling city. As the importance and power of Thebes grew, it started drawing other peoples such as the Hittites, the Babylonians and Canaanites.

Because was considered to be the city of Amon-Ra, the city remained Egypt’s capital until the Greek era. The city fell to disrepair after it was attacked by the Assyrians, but its mystique still held the ancient peoples in thrall.


A flight to Luxor in Egypt from Cairo costs $120. The felucca ride costs about LE 30. There may also be small fees at the airport. The major currencies can be used there.

The cab at the airport should charge no more than 30 EGP. But you may negotiate with the driver. Tickets for first class train rides cost LE 165. The second class tickets are around LE 90.

If you are staying at a hotel, a shuttle service may be provided. With a tour travel package, the transport will be included in the service.