Madang – Papua New Guinea

The tourist attractions at Madang is one of the reasons why Papua New Guinea is rapidly gaining recognition as a tourist destination. If you are an adventurous traveler, this region and the town bearing the same name are definitely worth visiting.


The only way to reach the region is via the coastal roads on the south and north. If you want a road that is linked to the rest of the country, try Ramu Highway. There are flights directly to the town including Airlines PNG and Air Niugini.

What to See

The Ohu Butterfly Conservation Project is filled with flowering shrubs which has helped draw in butterflies. Aside from the butterflies, there are plenty of birds in the area. You will also see several waterfalls. The Balek Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its diverse wildlife.

There is also a sulphur spring used as a breeding ground for fish, eels and other wildlife. Diving is one of the more popular tourist attractions at Madang.

Hansa Bay is a good spot thanks to the numerous Japanese shipwrecks in the area. There are several other dive sites where you can take a look at coral reefs and swim with colorful fish.


The province currently has a population of around 700,000. The landscape is characterized by fertile plains and river valleys. The dry period stretches from May to September.

The temperature is cool in the mountains. Around the coast it can reach up to 35 degrees. The highest peak in the country is Mt Wilhelm. It is situated at the border of the Mandang and Chimbu provinces.

Through the years, the natural landscape has influenced the way people lived. Aside from the waterfalls, there are also waterfalls all around. There are also plenty of rainforests in the area. The most important river is the Ramu. This can be crossed by way of a canoe.


If you are backpacking and staying at guest houses, expect to spend about K178 (US$60) daily. For midrange solo travelers will spend around US$100 daily.

Other Info

The town is worth exploring thanks to its dive sites, coastlines and trees. At the harbor is the Coastwatchers Memorial, an old lighthouse. This was used by the local residents to keep an eye out for Japanese ships during World War II.

Aside from visiting the tourist attractions at Madang, you can also visit the local market in the center of town. There are also many villages on its outskirts.