Malakal in Wilayah – Sudan

Malakal in Wilayah is one of the best places to experience the cultural heritage of Sudan. Its numerous attractions have made it one of the premiere tourist destinations in Africa.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

It is the capital of the Upper Nile in Sudan. It can be found in the White Nile banks. This is to the north of its convergence to the River Sobat. There are several minibuses and taxis that can bring you to the site. You can also get in and out of the city via the airport.

The planes go to Khartoum at least once a week. They also go to Juba twice weekly. You can also get there by boat via Maloot. The journey will take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours.

What to See There

Malakal in Wilayah is known for its lush scenery. The natural landscape around the city provides a nice contrast to the modern buildings and architectural structures around it. There are also several hotels and resorts around.

There are also lodges. Backpackers will also have lots of places to stay in. The city is also known for its restaurants and eateries. They serve both local and international cuisines and drinks.


During the Sudan civil war, the town became a garrison for the Khartoum-based government. When the war ended, the city was included in the southern autonomous region. Throughout its history, numerous ethnic groups have resided in it.

The largest are the Shilluk, Nuer and Dinka Ngok. Like the rest of the country, the city is slowly recovering from the civil war that engulfed the country.


The ticket cots will vary depending on where you are coming from. The visa costs also vary. Fares for taxis will depend on where you are coming from. The rates can be negotiated however. Check with the travel agency if you can use credit cards. Most of the time, this is not allowed. Online transactions can be very difficult or downright impossible.

Other Info

One of the most popular food is the wal wal, a type of dumpling. There are also several eateries in and around the city. There are also several lovely parks surrounding the city.

Malakal in Wilayah is a generally peaceful place. Because it is a Muslim country, you should dress conservatively. Avoid discussing political and religious matters unless you know the person very well.