Male Fish Market – Maldives

One of the many exciting things you can do when you are in Male is to shop, shop, shop. It is a shopper’s hub with so many products available – from local products to goods from the Middle East, India, and Singapore. What’s the most remarkable product available? Fish straight from the Male Fish Market, of course!

Location and How to Get There

The Male Fish Market is located at the west side of Independence Square, which is the centerpoint of the city tourism.

To get to the Male Fish Market, you have to take an airport ferry from Male International Airport. That is, if you are coming from overseas. Then, you can take a roving taxi or walk you way through the north coast of Male, where the tourist sites are located.

What to See There

Most definitely, a generous amount of fish produce is what you can see at the Male Fish Market. That’s not just simply a supply of ordinary fish but the freshest fish you could buy. Opposite the fish market is a docking site for fishing boats. That’s where tons of tuna and other fish come from. Bought straight from the fishing boats, you should know that what you can buy at the fish market is definitely of the finest quality. Aside from the freshest catch, there are also a variety of fruits, vegetables and dried goods available.

The Male Fish Market is most active during the afternoons, when the fishing boats start to pile up with the day’s catch. If you do not like getting dirty, you can easily trip to a café upstairs and have a fresh meal.


Fishing is a significant industry in the economy of Maldives. The construction of the Male Fish market is a true testament to that. A visit to the busy market will not only allow you to the finest catch from the ocean. It will also give you a glimpse of the local way of life from then till now.


Visiting the Male Fish Market is free of any charge. However, you will have to expend some money when buying products from the market, obviously. But do not worry. The Male Fish Market offers a very reasonable price. That’s why it is flocked not just by tourists but even foreign traders.

The Male Fish Market should be in everyone’s travel itinerary. Taking the trip to the busiest fish hub in all of Maldives will give you not just a peak on the freshest catch but also on the local’s way of life.?